Janet Taylor Lisle
A Message From the Match Girl
Investigators of the Unknown, Book 3

Georgina leapt straight up in the air when she heard.

“A message?” she cried. “From the Match Girl? Where?”

“Right here,” Walter said. While Georgina and Poco watched, he took from his back pocket an ordinary white envelope, rather bent from being pressed into chairs all day. Walter, being Walter, had waited until the very end of the school day to show them.

“Good grief!" Georgina practically screamed. “How could you just sit there on top of it all day?”

“I wasn't sure if I should tell.” Walter glanced over his shoulder. “Some spirits don't like being told on, you know.”

Walter Kew, the orphan boy in Poco and Georgina's school, has made a strange discovery. He believes his mother is trying to speak to him from beyond the pale. She has chosen a bronze statue of The Little Match Girl in Andersen Park as the place of contact. Whenever Walter receives an envelope in the mail with wooden matches sealed inside, he knows what it means: Go to the park. The Match Girl has another message for you.
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A Message From the Matchgirl A Message From the Match Girl
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