Janet Taylor Lisle
Looking for Juliette
Investigators of the Unknown, Book 2

Never had a place looked so forbidding. While all the other houses on the street glowed with friendly lights, Angela's house sat dark as a hunk of coal in its yard. The windows were black; the porches lurked in shadow; the chimneys rose against the sky like a devilish pair of horns.

“What do we do now?” Georgina asked.

“We walk around and look. And call.” Poco spoke calmly but even she felt nervous.

Juliette, Angela's Siamese cat, has been lost for days and the friends are desperate to find her before some evil befalls her. Or perhaps, it's already too late. Miss Bone, the old spinster caretaker at Angela's vacant house, has been acting very oddly. When Poco sees her leaving her house wearing an elegant fur hat in the exact shade of gray as Juliette's beautiful coat, she begins to imagine the worst.
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Looking for Juliette Looking for Juliette
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Janet Taylor Lisle
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