Janet Taylor Lisle
The Great Dimpole Oak

“Dexter Drake spat on the palms of his hands and frowned. He knew the pirates' diamonds were close by. They lay just beneath the earth at the bottom of the Dimpole Oak, between its big, plunging roots. Some people, it is said, have an extra sense. They don't have to hear or see or smell a thing to know it is there. Dexter thought he must have an extra sense in the special case of this treasure. The diamonds were sending him messages: Dig here immediately! Over here is where we are!”

Everyone in Dimpole has heard stories about the big tree growing at the edge of town. Did Abraham Lincoln really sleep under its lofty branches? Has it witnessed mayhem and murder? Is it true, as Dexter believes, that a fabulous treasure is buried somewhere beneath its roots? Whatever the truth, there's no doubt the tree has a powerful effect on the imaginations of all who come near it, and astonishing things happen when those in its thrall decide to take action.

Awards and Honors

Golden Kite Honor Book, 1988
School Library Journal Best Book
Booklist Editor's Choice
ALA Notable Book for Children
Parents' Choice Award

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The Great Dimpole Oak The Great Dimpole Oak
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Janet Taylor Lisle
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