Janet Taylor Lisle
The Dancing Cats of Applesap

“There's only so much room in the world for small, helpless things like cats,” Miss Toonie went on. “My cats are the leftovers, the ones who have gotten pushed out. This store is the last hope they have!”

“How many cats do live here?” asked Melba.

“Round about a hundred last count,“ said Miss Toonie. “They come and go, you know, depending on what's for dinner.”

“What is for dinner usually?”

“Old ice cream, old danish, old candy bars, that sort of thing. The mouse population isn't what it used to be around here.”

Ten-year-old Melba Morris is one of the shyest people you'd ever hope to meet. That's why she starts going to gloomy old Jiggs' Drug Store after school, instead of the new Super Queen, where all the cool kids hang out. Jiggs' store is not only rundown, it's infested with cats, a hundred beat-up, cringing felines who've been taken in by Miss Toonie, the grumpy lady behind the counter. But when Melba looks closely, she sees something unusual about these cats, and as their store begins to go down the drain, only Melba is in a position to stand up in broad daylight and champion their rights.
Booklist, Starred Review:  
"The drugstore cats have a special talent: they can dance, and when they do it's a wondrous sight to behold. This story has elements found in the most enduring works of children's fiction: humor, inventiveness, and a message gently relayed."
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The Dancing Cats of Applesap The Dancing Cats of Applesap
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The Dancing Cats of Applesap
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Janet Taylor Lisle
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