Janet Taylor Lisle
Angela's Aliens
Investigators of the Unknown, Book 4

The night fell into silence again. There was no moon. Except for the far-off prickle of stars, the sky was blacker than a cave. A phantom claw of wind scraped though the tree and in that instant, Georgina felt something new.

“Poco look!”

Above, a squadron of round, bright-lit objects hovered in silence, sharply etched against the night sky.

Angela Harrall's return from a year of living in Mexico coincides with a strange sighting, but it's awhile before her friends, Poco, Georgina and Walter, begin to make the connection. Angela has changed, or been changed. Some fearful alien force seems to have taken hold of her. Not until Angela tells the riveting story of her abduction, though, does Georgina begin to understand who the real aliens responsible for her friend's transformation are.
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Angela's Aliens Angela'a Aliens
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Janet Taylor Lisle
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